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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where'd You Go People?

hye there... this is dedicated to the people I haven't seen in AGES! : )

Natasha Nadiah...hey MUM! LOL.. i haven't seen you... : ( but you have your reasons.. boarding school... :O well.. we'll see each other SOON! : )

Daena Marissa...ahaaa... yeah.. you I haven't seen for YEARS weeiii..the last time I saw you was at Sushi King in Giant during Form1 I think! hahaha... yeahh

Albert Lim... you are coming back tomorrow!!! : ) YAY! Lol.. i miss hanging out with you-LA! Remember last year during Nirmala? :D

Edward Chung... ahh! YOU! I miss your artwork and the 'BEAUTIFUL' handwriting!hahah.. You like to give me that EVIL look!I miss that! LOL.. hahaha..weird.

Lim Ji Hau... Ji Hau!!!i don't exactly know what happen to you! LOL.. yeah..i miss our talks during the Portugal-Spain Trip! : ) and your pictures!!! AN Awesome photographer you are!

Emily Chew... hey you! haven't been online to talk to you! missed our Final Destination NIGHT! hahaha..

Adrian Choong... the last time i remembered you, you had the SPIKY hair!!! hahaha..won't be able to see you this year!!!

Fairuz Rani... my PRS during form 1!!! You we're also my pet sister!! thank you.. i saw you during 'I HAVE A DREAM'! you passed me! i guess you didn't see me... O.O" hahah..

Well.. so far those are the people that I could think of
for now-LA.. hahah.. okay then need to go to sleep!!!! NITES TA BYE : )

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