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Friday, July 17, 2009

Energizer Bunny of The Week!

Hey yo! lol.. yeah... it's i don' know how long that i haven't blogged.. so yeah.. this week it ended AWESOME-ly if i do say so myself.. lol.. yeah.. it was an interesting and fun week! :) lol... well.. sadly it started off with me missing 2 days of school because i had fever! -_-" so yeah.. missed A HELL LOT! :O but i'm going to catch UP! :D lol.. yeah.. being optimistic for once.. although there'll be a lot of TEARS going through this process of CATCHING UP! :''( yeah.. so Wednesday was nerve-wracking! :O it was NOMINATION for RANGERS.. :B i nominated Myra for SECRETARY! YAY! lol.. so i was like laughing, "Mye! I just realise something!""What?""Now you can ask Izzul for help in secretary work! he KAN secretary! lol.. :D""LOL! ha ah! lol... " so then Myra nominated me for COY LEADER... i was nervous to wait for what were the assignments that we had to do... so yeah.. i was on the verge of dropping out from the nomination... but Myra insisted for me go for it! So yeah.. i shall do my best! : ) so next.. me, Shiqin, Jing Wei and Poh Lian were 'PICKED' to go for this 'TOURSIM QUIZ'??? :P lol.. so yeah... we went and we PASSED! hahahah.. so how surprisingly, I met with my old2 schoolmate Erique.... he got taller and obviously STILL smart.. lol.. i was not surprised he won... lol.. :) soo.. yeah! Hari Koko went well! my cookies got sold out! woot! Sash's Tuna Pasta... as usual i was delicioso! lol... yeah... so.. spent time with Mye and Athira and Amira and was AWESOME.. lol.. hahaha.. so ta bye nites...

Happy 24th Birthday Tom F. : )
We LOVE you dear... <33

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