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Monday, July 6, 2009

I Think At This Rate, I'll Never Get Through This Week ..

yeahhh..i slept for 4 hours last night.... aaahhhh..... =_=" yeah.. i was spacing out in school... :O well.. in a way.. the 4 hours of agony but still pleasure was WORTH IT! because Roger Federer won WIMBLEDON!!!!!! : ) I'm so proud of you, Roger! although... i kinda pity Andy Roddick.. he was a good sport... : ) so basically yeah.. we have a new trainee teacher for English.... her name is Miss Seelan.. she's nice.... so.. today was the day of the Head Girl election... wooo! LOL.. can't wait to see who gets it!! hahah.. yeah..for Sivik.. my group won the best! :D YAYYY! hahah.. it was like we have to act out a scene of different types of cultures.. so yeah... My group got Malay, Nik's got Indian, Ashiqin's got Chinese and Mel's got MIX! so.. yeah.. it was dammnn funny!! my group did Hari Raya & Puasa, Shqin's did the Ghost Festival, Nik's did Deepavali and Mel's did 'The Xavier's Family'! Dedicated to Kim Xavier.. WOO!! LOL.. hahah.. yeah.. it was fun.. so yeah.... then.... what else?? oh.. i slept when i got back from school! so tired after that.., then i went to tuition.. met Satyan! LOL.. he's back! lol.. ahhaha.. yeah.. he looks good with the new hair... he should keep it like that.. hahaha yeah...sooo.. yeah.. at the end of class, Aaron told me to listen to his iPod.. he wanted to ask for my opinion before he post it in YouTube... i LOVED his cover of 'You Found Me' by The Fray!!!!! it's so nice.. he's voice was so awesome... :) i looooovee it! haha.. so yeah.. i guess.. that's all.. so yeah... oh... yeah.. well.. ok.. that's all.. ta bye nites!!

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