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1st : Saras' 19th :)
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7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
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27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Went Well :D

Hey... i had a very well.... maybe a funnily successful installation!! :D hahaah... yeah... so all of us got installed.. and i was sooooo HAPPY!!! :) yeah... today.. was an okaayy day... but very.. stressed out by mountains of homework!!! -___-" soo yeah.. talked to Sash about it... she's going through it worse i think.. i pity her.. but WE'RE THERE FOR YOU DEAR! : ) yeah..... so.. i felt bad when she was EMO-ing.. so me, her and Poh Lian started talking about GUYS & Wall-E! :) so yeah.. that made all of us laughed and awe-ING about how adorable and cute and GENIUS the movie was!!! hahaha.. i love that OCD tiny robot!!! : ) yeah.... hahaha.... so yeah.. then.. i had Bio tuition as was FUNNY as usual... i pity Aaron.. *but then again like he cares about what other people think!* yeah.. the other guys in tuition like to mock his way of talking just because he has an ACCENT.. hey! he was born in Canada.. what'd you expect! lol.. Aaron gave me his iPod again.. i forgot to let Divya and Sand listen to his cover of 'You Found Me' by The Fray! ; ) it was AWESOME... i love Aaron's cover songs.. he's sooo TALENTED! :D yeah.. so yeah.. hahah.. okay..then yeah.. i guess that's all.. so i should go and finish my BIO! ta bye nites!!! : )

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