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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sore Eyes & Sore Lies

Hey.. today is the first day of school after the MARCH hols.. lol.. APPARENTLY my Facebook friend, Katy is going to have a time of her LIFE!. :O because.... TWO WORDS.. lol... ;P EATER HOLS! hahahha.. lol.. wht the heaven?? lol.. yeah.. i've been saying that A LOT not a lot of people who came to school.. Hm.. well.. to be SPECIFIC.. Illy Nur Ashikin, Diyanah & Fariza transferred to boarding schools.. 2 MRSM another to Sri Puteri.. WOW.. Congrats..Awww.. sure gonna miss 'em.. lol.. :'''O wawawawa.. haha.. had a lot funny moments in school.. I LOVE MY CLASS! :D yeay! lol.. ohhhhh! YESTERDAY wasss Niiiicce! Me and Tash went to Charm Cheerleading Championships! a.k.a C3.. lol... i keep thinking its This Century i dunno why? hahah XD.. Yeah.... sadly my dad went to London.. he's going for his trip for TEN faaaa-lalala-ING daaayss.. :''''''( sighs.. this sucks.. lol.. and I FORGOT TO PESANKAN Boys Like Girls' Read Between The Lines DVD! -__-" Mother-LA! lol.. <----- this is thanks to Ami!!! XD LMAO! hahha.. she and her MOTHER..... lol.. gagagaga.. yeah.. tuition was finnee too.. was dying through Chemistry.. i dunno why i was SO DAMN tired.. i didn't even do anything much for Rumah Kuning.. sighs.. i pretty much suck at EVERYTHING... the ONLY thing left is kawad kaki.. that also.. i would be holding the 'BEST' record for TANNEST member.. blleeehh.. lol.. yeah...wtv.. it's for kuning right??? lol.. hmm.... what else.... oH! I banned myself from Facebook! lol.. yeah.. i've been too addicted too it.. i know it;s a STUPID excuse.. but sorry.. i'm not like my other friends who can keep up with homework AND all this.. i just suck at it okaay.. and at least they know their limits .. I DON"T.. yayayayayayay.... O_O" Oh.. yeha.. gotta stay back tomorrow... and then after that i got GYM.. at least i;m going to release my TENSION there.. well... it's not like i release ENOUGH during tennis.. it's just everything goes SLOWER in the gym.. no rush.. When i get back out there to go back HOME.. everything is just like ZOOOOM! yeah.. i need a SLOWER life.. but.. kinda have to manage it SOMEHOW right... Baba asked me to join MSSD but... I LOVE YOU Baba but, sorry.. i don't think i can do it.. ONE: I still can't balance school so.. i can't exatly miss SCHOOL for MSSD.. never mind.. let the juniors go-LA.. i'm just not cut out for tennis anymore.. i shall fix my 'so-called' UNORGANISED life first.. then i'll follow through.. Yeah.. okaaay then it's getting late anyway.. Nitesy everyone.. I hope i can get through tomorrow.. XO NAH.. i don't think so.. sighs.. bye.. i need my Panda & Danny the Sheep :'''''(

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