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1st : Saras' 19th :)
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8th: AJ's 19th :)
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27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Post, Same Day :) ; Making The Most of It

Hey there again.. just finish PINANO! lol.. ignore my 'BABY' talk.. i know my best friend Myra hates baby talk.. lol.. aww.. no one can blame her right! lol.. that's ok mye.. I get ANNOYED too.. lol.. XD Yeah.. and so.. it's the um.. third? night my dad's not here.. i just sms-ED him to buy my Iron Chef sister a Nigella Lawson Cookbook! <3>maybe Sash would SREAM if she knew! lol.. it's Sush.. she LOVES TO COOK! ;P HEHEH.. lol.. did i mention you're an AWESOME cook Sash? *lol.. nak bodek-LA Tuuhh.. hahahha...* yeah yeah.. i know i;m being PATHETIC! gagagga... Speaking of 'gagagagaga' I miss watching Ryan Higa on YouTube! Damn.... Speking of YouTube as WELL, i miss YouTube.. sadly my dad won't allow to download Flash Player bla bla bla bla... because it will affect the computer! lol.. yeah.. no point anyway.. my speakers have been gay since LAST YEAR!!!! fa-lalalalala TUL! loll.. ignore that yeah.. hmmm...i'm bored.. i should go.. lol.. random! Kristen Stewart is currently DATING Michael Angarano! Awwwwww..... ;) The dude who played 'Will Stronghold' in SKY HIGH! Awww.. that's CUTE! and i didn't know that Kristen is 19 when Michael is 22! lol.. XD i thought it's the OTHER way around! hahahha.. can you tell that i'm BORED?? lol.. okaay theenn.. TA!

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