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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Is The Month For March-ING! ;D

hye there.. to TasH! Why didn't you come to school? :O lol.. yeah.. hope you're okay! : ) so.. today... was.. a very moody day.... sadly.. well.. that's what I MYSELF encountered.. lol.. yeah.. My class.. got LECTURED by En. Hulam.. sadly.. :'''O yeah.. it was very.... SCARY.. uh huh.. it was just a few of us! THE OTHER 3/4 of the class went for MPPH Raptai... *that explains why i heard Pn. Ngau lecturing something at the hall on the microphone* LOL.. hahah.. yeah.. Yesterday.. was..the Environment Club meeting! l : ) i'm WEIRD! lol.. i'm in 2 clubs.. this and HU.. i LOVE both. Recycling Paper Project :D Yeay! Go GREEN people! loll.. Shiqin don'r 'perasan' okaaay that i sokong HIJAU.. heheh :P lol.. i OBVIOUSLY support KUNING! ; ) iLove Kuning : ) hhahah iLove! It makes uLove anything INSTANTLY! hahah..Lol.. of COURSE, PATIENCE is needed for THIS FEELING of YOURS to grow! ; ) yayayaya.. lalala.. lol.. today i had Bio.. lol.. to be honest i just got back from Bio.. it was normal! XD lol.. hahaha.. was sooooo DAMN tired! i dunno why.. but yeah... i OWE you Aaron Lim Jit Yang! lol.. XD he says he's ok. but nah.. we've known each other since form 2! so.. it's the least i could DO! lol.. well.. hahha.. it's me! yeah.. I CAN'T believe he REJECTED a STARBUCKS COOKIE! -_-" Wait! It ain't a SUBWAY cookie.. lol.. hahah.... hmm.. maybe i should i get him Famous Amos Cookies! lol... awww... this makes memories come flooding back! :''') lol.. hahhaha.. yeah.. i shall tell you later.. lol.. now i kinda have to go eat din-din! okaayy then! TA! : )

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