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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post It Buddy and Roaring To Victory Kuning! : )

Hey.. today is??? oh yeah! Tuesday! LOL..hahaha.. yeah... today well, if u read Myra's post, it's sports' day 'raptai'.. yup! and it was TIRING! -_-" we MARCHED since 7.30 AM until 5.30! that's like 10 hours! well, of course minus the 5mins break and RECESS! hey! we need FOOD too you know! hahaha.. Hm.. yeah.. Tash went to Sabah already.. :''( But of course we are ALL happy for her.. she deserves it.. of course not ALL the way to Sabah! :O lol... uh huh... speaking of HER not being here, i felt weird in tuition! so i told Tash that i shall paste a Post It as HER! in pink.. sadly i had no other colour! ;D I'm glad Miss Nirmala didn't mind... lol.. seriously,even if my other best friends won't be there *Myra,Sush,Poh Lian* I would do that too! lol.. yeah.. so yesterday in tuition was fine.. LOL.. i made a new 'neighbour' and his name is Izzul Farisyi.. lol.. i don't know why.. but he's somehow kind of a RANDOM.. lol.. just like Tash... haha.. Yeah.. but sadly kena buli! -___-" ape-LA! i'm so buli-able that even a WORD?? lol.. hahha.. yeah.. now i have Aaron and Izzul to 'torture' me! XD uh huh.. lol... sighs.. tomorrow is Wednesday and Myra & Dira's b'day is coming! Oh! yes Myra i shall keep my day free! lol.. although i have to be back by 8.30pm! I have piano! i feel so mean-LA pulak.. my best friend's Sweet 16 and i have piano.. XD but i thought of what to buy for you already! Thanks Sush for the'alternative'! ; ) lol.. i hope you'll like it Mye. Okay then.. gtg get my books pack into the bag! alrighty then, nitesy!

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