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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Survived A Week of All The Misery Bussiness

Hey there! it's like... a LOOOOOOONNG time since i last updated my blog! OMG.. lol... yeah... i've been off because of exams.. just like Myra, i was on HIATUS... lol.. at first i didn't get what it meant because i thought it sounded like, 'HAIKU'! lol... hahah.. lol.... yeah....
About March Test.. i totally have no comment on that... like really.. All i can say was.. that this year was the first time that i cried before MONTHLY EXAMS... =_=" yeah.. I cried the night before CHEMISTRY & the night before ADD MATHS.... -____-" yeah... i blame myself though if i don't do well... ah what the heck... anyway... my mum says that it's better if you cry BEFORE than AFTER.... yeah... well.. i cried after Add Maths as well... how... not such a good feeling... but Ashiqin & Nik was so sweet to cheer me up! Here's what they did:

Nik: Awww... come on Bai! Here! Look at your idols! *Nik flips through my notebook and pointed
to the picture of Britannia High Cast* I don't think they were good in their Add Maths!
Me: That's so mean! Nik.. apela.. you never know!
Ashiqin: *laughs* Apela..
Nik: *Points to Matthew James Thomas' pic* He's so hot kan Bai?
Me: *laughs* LOL! Yup! SO hot!
Nik: Ashiqin, don't you think he's hot?
Ashiqin: *showing a disgusted face* Eew! Takla... Mane ade hot!
Nik & Me: What?? Jahat gile..
Me: Then what type of guys do you like??
Nik: Ni kot! *points randomly i don't know where*
Ashiqin: Eh! Mane ade la! Eeeh.. lol
Nik: Ala... u suke guys yang macam that dude from 'Pride & Prejudice' tu kan.. Ape tah... Darcy something?
Ashiqin: *drooling dreamingly* yeah! he's SOOOO HOT!
Me: Eh eh! Mr. Darcy! lol.. oh yeah... mase Sejarah kan... thank you Ashiqin!
Ashiqin: Eh? Knape plak?
Me: Mase tu kan diorang ade tanye, mane satu orang Barat yang another one yang support Gordon Childe right...
Nik: Oh.. ah ah.. that question! I pegi letak Ibn Khaldun!
Me: I pun terlupe... So I pegi look at you Shiqin, i teringat! Darcy Ribero! lol!
Ashiqin: Awww!
Nik: Yeah, i still naktau what kind of guys do you like Shiqin?
Ashiqin: I don't know man... Sometimes, in life you would question yourself about your interest for the opposite gender...
Nik & Me: Shiqin!
Ashiqin: *laughs* Lol! Omg! I can't believe i said that! Forget what i just said!
Nik, Ashiqin & Me: *laughs*
Yeah... basically that's what happen after Add Maths.... But yeah... random. lol... yeah... I miss McFly.. i don't exactly know what they've been up to.. so yeah... speaking of McFly, Dan's birthday is coming!! ;') Yay! He's turning 23! Awww... i'm so happy! lol... yeah... My dad's going to Japan tomorrow... sighs... Well... i'm used it... i hope he'll come back with cool souvenirs! : ) lol... yeah... i miss HTL! and BLG! ; ( ohyeah! i should ask my dad to buy BLG's Read Between The Lines DVD! and and McFly's Radio:ACTIVE Tour DVD! lol... yea... oh and also the Britannia High DVD Series 1 Part 2!!! lol... yeah... If only i can get my hands on Skins!!!! =_=" Damn it. lol... well... i don't think can get everything i want right! lol... speaking of Skins! Tash has it.. but sadly my laptop is too stubborn to even play it! oh yeah! that reminds me! Marissa's sis have Skins! aww... man. wht la!lol... yeah... i should go! I have a lot of thing to talk about... but sadly im not fast enough.. and it's like 10 o'clock! i have to go practice my piano! lol... ok then..... i shall update tomorrow! bye nites!

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