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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funny Things In School & New Haircut By My Baby ; )

Aww... my baby! Danny with his NEW 'DO! ; ) Cuttee! XD lol... Oh yeah! Danny's birthday is in TWO days! Yay! I can't wait! lol.. i wonder what Tom, Doug & Harry are going to give him! lol... I wonder... like seriously.. lol.. : ) lol.. RANDOM... hahah...
12th March 2009
in TWO days : )

Hallu.. i am now.. ILL... -_-" and OBVIOUSLY that sucks like a hell lot... I have diaorrhea.... :''O it hurts.. and to think that i wanted to go the gym today... and i didn't! I HAD A FEELING! lol.. okaayy.. fell asleep halfway through Physics homework.. now.. ALMOST done.. lol... need to do ENGLISH oral... Talking about ROGER HARGREAVES.. creator of the MR. MEN & LITTLE MISS : ) yaya! lol... haha.. My phone's ALIVE! yahhhooo... i didn't see Myra... But I called her.. lol.. very the funny.. lol.. i like Tash's classmates they're FUNNY! lol.. but then again, i LOVE my class more.. ;D lol.. sorry 4SC.. but we're NEIGHBOURS! Wht the hell??? i keep putting everything in CAPS! hahaha.. my fave habit of the DAY: saying "I MISS TRISHER" over and over again... lol... i guess i really do miss her! lol.. awww.... My class had oral... it was AWESOME! eevybody's topic was interesting... : ) good job Damai-ians! ; ) though it's funny 'cause in 1 WHOLE HOUR.. only 7 students out of 34 students did... lol... It was, Amy, Anarrin, Li Lian, Maegan, Marissa, Melsa & Nik! : )
K.. taaa... i got pinano in a few! I haven't PRACTICE! CRAP! lol.. k.. update u later!

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  1. where did you get that photo? please tell me