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Thursday, January 15, 2009

new but not so new :D

hello there. i'm new here... but not so new! LOL! Well, i used to have a blog though... but then... i didn't really had much time to update it and stuff... so now... i decided that THIS is the only foy my friends and i to communicate when we rarely meet each other... :D Thouh it's funny when i think about it... We are all in the same school! I mean... when i look back.... (waaaayyy back) Myra and Tash have been in the same school with me for almost 8 years! Now... we're all in form 4! Mye's with Sash... Tash's with Mel Koay..... It seems to me... that i tend to be always surviving school all by myself lately... well.... to be more specific... since last year! lol..... well... at least i know that all of us are happy that we're in our respective classes! : ) yaaay! All the hardwork and 'paper' work that Pn. Usha, Mdm. Yeo and Pn. Norhashimah went through really paid off! Through OUR happiness of course! *Smiles*
Lalala..... well.... yeah... i just wanted to start of simple.... lol... today we had koko registration.... Woooo! Myra and I are in Rangers together! yay... Oh bother... have to go now... nitesy... i shall update... again byeeee

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