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At the age where I'm starting to appreciate life more than I ever did compared to when I was back in high school. So, I'd say, give life a chance, and it might just surprise you in all sorts of ways :D

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17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Reality Bites

One day-off from school... is like BAM! I miss a lot of things kooot! -___-"Especially the career FAIR! O.O'i hate myself... likewhatthehell?? :'Ohaha okaaayy... not to complain about... apparently Pn. Ilani is WEIRDED out by my 'opposite action of procastination towards HOMEWORK' hahah.. i guess you don't get that huh? lol..well..i AM doing the OPPOSITE of procastinating.. i WANT to do.. but there's like a little pesky mutant devil on my shoulder that is making me avoid homework.. -__-" i would hate myselfto admit that i am LAZY when I AM NOT.... well.. at least i'm TRYING! lol..haaaaa.... basically i am WAAAAAAAAAYY behind homework.. i seriously need a PSYCHOLOGIST! -_-' is that even right?? hahah.. and plus, mid-terms are comingin about 2or 3 weeks... X_Xand i'm DYING through high school..why did i even consider to take Science Stream in the first place?!!! O-O"is it too late to back out? because i don't think i'm good enough! Bye :(

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