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Friday, August 7, 2009

La Di Da... A Few Minutes of Melodious Nervousness

hey there... just an update before going to tutition... stayed at Crowne Plaza K.L last night before my piano practical exam...apparently Istana Hotel was FULLY BOOKED.... O_o" until the 9th of August.. so yeah.. mum decided to book a room at Crowne Plaza instead.. which was... opposite the Istana Hotel.. choi. hahaha.. yeah.. so my sister came back home late.. so she didn't joined us at the hotel... so yeah.. called Dad... he was on the way to Montreal from Morrocco? -_-" sorry for the spelling errors... i'm usually certain about my spelling... i needtoread up more.. hahaha.. yeah.. moving on... yeah.. although he had to transit in Paris.. OMG! Tom F is there now.. thanks for the news Mye! :) lol... it'll be fun if my dad meets him! :O hahaha.. it'll be stupid if my dad tak kenal! =.=' knowing my dad he likes to purposely confuse himself between Tom, Danny, Harry & Dougie.. hahaha.. so yeahh.. can't wait for his homecoming! haha i have Si Tenggang in my head now! :P lol.. yeah.. went to the exam... hands were freezing! :B brape kali kot baca Al-Fatihah! :) takpe bagus.. i think i read around 7-10 times! ;) but worked i was chilling.. LITERALLY.. hhaha... i was glad i got a LADY examiner this year.. she's nice.. her name is Mary.. the lady who registered me said that the examiner lady is generous with marks... aww.. lol.. i hope she was impressed enough.. it was sure a pain the fingers to impress Miss Jennifer -.-' yeah..she said she give STINGY marks.. lol... to stingy? she gave me like the same marks for 2 of my trials... which wasof course a pass... =__=' whatever... all i can say is that the oral that Mary gave me was easier.. hahah.. so yeah...well okay... will update later onn.. gotta go for Mod Maths class... ta byee..

My quote of the DAY! :) *i know it doesn't make sense but it's just me!*

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