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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Fave Frat Boy :)

Hello there... i didn't go to school.. because i felt like crap.. so yeah.. i yeah.. woke up late.. and yeah..just went to Sash's house help with Feng Shui & Spring Cleaning before i went for tuition.. so then I introduce her to 'Greek' and I forgot how much I love Scott Michael Foster :) <3 Of course I'll forver LOVE Danny Jones #1 :) He's my boy for life :) So here is Scott! :) hahaha.. I love his Fraternity better than Evan's.. Evan's a shithead haha..

Is it just me.. or he looks a bit like Martin Johnson? :)

cutie pie :)

Oh yeah.. he plays Jed in this Webisodes on YouTube called 'Quarterlife'.. but i don't get it though..

There he is! Cappie & Rusty :)

Evan, Casey & Cappie :) I love his frat's name: Kappa Tau Gamma :)

Aww..i don't know if that's a scene or what hahaha.. but he looks romantic and sweet! :)

Seriously.. i have weird taste in guys! be his HOT to me :)

okay, then.. ta..bye nites..

oh p/s: Thanks Sash for the Paradiso Girls :)

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