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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Sweet 16 Party 15/08/09 :)

Hey there...just posting TONS of pictures from the party day.. because Blogger's photo uploading is faster than Facebook's so yeah... I had a great time!! It was AWESOME and a SUCCESS! Sadly some people didn't get to come... I invited around 20+ but only 11 turned up.. Tash was unable to make it because she's in Sabah..So yeah.. but, I just wanna thank EVERYONE who CAME! :) Thanks for your presence & the PRESENTS! hahaha.. get it? LOL.. so pathetic.. hhahaha.. oh well these are the pics that I picked out to show all of you! :)

This is the Birthday cake Kak Nia bought for me! It's RM 145! OMG! :O lol.. hahah., but it's SOOO DELICIOUS! :)

hey everyone! Meet my trainer and his wife, Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura! They're parents-to-be!! Awww... <3

Group photo!! I told Myra we're like Skins jer.. hahah, but then i changed, We are:
CLOTHES ; Physically Innocent, Mentally Corrupted :)

I prefer this one! :)

Mingling time! :) We talked & laughed a lot :)

Hello everyone! Candid time! hahaha

The adults were eating DURIAN! :) LOL.. Uncle Shariff's the one who requested the DURIAN for Aunty Azura, awww... So Sweet! He looks hot here thought! ;)

Blowed the candles! hahaha Look at Sean & Izzul! :) so cute! haah.. yeah my dad ask them to stand on the chairs just to cover the mirror from reflecting the flashes from the cameras!

Such a CUTE pic!!! :)

Aww... Uncle Shariff, Ma & Aunty Azura! :)

McFlyettes' Performances! Sadly one member is not around! We miss ya Tash!!! :)

Candid! L-R: Izzul, Sean & Effy!

Ahhaah.. Funny! Poh Lian was taking pics too! So many photogs!! :) L-R: Effy, Alianna, Poh & Pah!

Opening present time! That's Amirah's pressie to me! It's the small cat like the one Tash gave! :) Now Tash, your cat yang you bagi ade kawan!! :)

Kak Aida & I! :D

Me, Myra & Sash...

This was what Sean & Izzul gave me: The pen.. The pen container, Saras gave!

Kak Aida gave this to me! It's Crabtree & Evelyn Soap! :) Smell awesome! I think Sash got high just sniffing it! hahaha.. it's Sash! :)

L-R: Sash, Myra, Me & Saras :) before they all went home.. They last ones to stay! :)

This is the other present Sean & Izzul gave me! :) It's that Arm Rest thingy! So cute!! Thanks Sean & Izzul!Oh.. p/s: Say thanks to Wai Joon & Matt Chin for signing the card! hahh

This is what Pah gave me!! So pretty! Thanks Pah! :) I love it!!

The brooch & pin that Alianna gave me! Thank you!! So shiny!!

There's Amirah's cat!! :)

These are the books I got! :) Tuesday With Morrie is from Iman! :) & The Last Lecture is from Sasha, Effy & Ujang :)

Ahaha.. So called McFlyettes' 'Photoshoot' hahah... Yeah.. Kudos to Kak Nia! :)

'Photoshoot' #2! hahahha.. Yeah.. this looks cool! hahaha.. Kudos to my sis again!

Okay then! taa... bye!! Thanks everyone! :)

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