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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oversleeping Is The Last Thing I Wanna Do :B

Yeah.. hello.. i woke up around 8... but sadly my heavy little head could not resist the comfortable pillow... so BOOM zzzzz....... until 11 am... :B grrr.. i do not like oversleeping!! ;O but what to do... you know what they say.. too much of a good thing is bad.. HA! XD yeahh... school is coming.. -.-' i feel tired to even think about it.. sighs.. why can't we just go on with EXAM! i seriously just wanna get over with it.. i haven't even finish Rangers' Coy Leader Assignments... Myra is 90-100% done for her Secretary post... geez man.. lol.. hahahah.. yeah.... currently blur.. :O hahhaha.. I need to call Bapak!!! :D i want him to buy the Taking 5 DVD!!! :) lol.. yeah.... well... what else??? I am sooo eager to buy FABRIC MARKERS!!!! i want to design ALL of my PLAIN T's!!! hahaha..yeah.. I waaaannt! lol.. yeah.. well okay.. i guess that's all,wanna go get ready before Myra comes! ta bye :)

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