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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stupid Print Screen Button or I'm Just Disabled in IT O.O

I am a freak... I don't know how to use the freaking print screen button -.-' I feel humiliated... this sucks.. Sighs.. ahhaha.. I should worry more about other things than this! ahahahha.. :P stupid freaking print screen is giving me a massive headache... how life is just mundane... =_=' and to think that I have a life... WAIT! I do.. i just don't exactly LIVE it properly.. ahaha.. :P I wanna sleep la.. lol.. like I can do that... and I'm another FREAK.. I somehow have this somewhat happiness feeling inside of me about the premiere of JONAS -.-' when I'm not entirely a BIG. GINORMOUS fan.. hahahha.. I'm starting to dig Paranoid.. It took me a while to like it... In Myra's words, 'They grew up..' hahaha.. but that maybe the ugly truth.... nah.. they'll still be the typical JoBros.. LOL.. can you see that I don't exactly talk much about my Print Screen button dilemma here? when actually the whole purpose of this post is to RANT, WHINE, COMPLAIN about the bloody Print Screen button.. but hahah.. yeah.. it may be like that.. but I'm not that boring okaay.. I DO HAVE A LIFE.. apparently quite a good one.. hahah.. now this is turning into one of Yoda's Philosophy rituals or something.. ahaha... Yeah.. Harry dear, I'll leave that up to you for the Yoda job... you are the Yoda.. :) isn't that just inspiring.. in an indirect way? Oh osh kosh b'gosh.. I crap don't I..i should stop myself before eyes bleed of boredom insanity I know I am :) okat then ....ta LOVES :)

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