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Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Day of Our Last Year

Hello bloggie. It's been AWHILE. Haha. Happy new year to you LAMElla's & Lovelys :) May this year will be the best. Haha. Insyaallah :) wee. So it's the first day of our last year. I can't stop saying that though. Ignore my utter disability to find any other sentence to describe TODAY. So yeah. Gave souvenirs to the LOVELYS :) Hee. Haven't given Tash, Grandma & Dia. Oh yeah not forgetting Sean and Izzul. Haha. I owe Sean anyway. I didn't wished him on his birthday yesterday. I wished him a WEEK in advanced. Since i was still London. :O haha. Yeah. So today was tiring. Tomorrow ; might get worse. Having Phys Ed. And that's not exactly my FORTE. SO. YEAH. Go figure. and another thing. It's going to be Cik Foo. So my instant feeling of nausea of not wanting to go through the humiliation is KICKING IN this moment. OH CRAP. LALAL. I am 'PROCRASTINATING' from swearing. :) hee. So i hope that will be a good new year's resolution to handle. UH.MAYBENOT. ^.^ hahah. SO yeah.I broke Sash's Vespa. Dear Allah. WHY. haha. Sorry Sush. At least I got you your stuff deary. The Saturdays, YouMeAtSix & S.Darko :OO haha. LOL. So had tuition today. I got back my BLG's Read Between The Lines DVD from Divya. I owe her the Rome Magnet :) Haha. She was my DVD Penjaga throughout the holiday. Sorry again i didn't FINDIT :'O I feel so HORRIBLE :BB DAMN. oKay then. it's nine. should pack my bags. and i'm getting sleepy anyway. So yeah. I miss gym and Uncle Shariff :I can't wait to see you :) I'm ready when you are :)


we'll never lie about our feelings it's just that we don't show it. i'm not afraid of you, i'm afraid of myself.

p/s: Am i BIpolar by any chance?? :O

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