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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Halfway There and Changing FONTS!

Life is too short to not take a chance on anything

Hey there! It's been exactly a MONTH since I've been blogging! :) So HERE I AM! Haha. Yes. Trying to look at things the OTHER way around yeah? HAHA. New ambitions! I am using a new font. And I've been listening to more MELLOW-ER songs. Not that It's a BAD thing, but I've been toning it down a little. Well thanks to the ABSENCE OF MCFLY. I can't wait for them! A teen needs MUSIC!
Damn. HAHA. Time flew by just like that huh? It's FREAKING JUNE! LOL. Having tons of things going on during the MID TERM BREAK! :) So much for getting my SLEEP ON. -.- Have to do:
a) Add Maths Folio
b) Chemistry Worksheets
c) Add Maths Form 4 Workbook
Okay. Shall look at it this way, I DON'T HAVE MUCH TO DO. Actually THIS IS WHAT I ONLY NEED TO DO!
a) Add Maths Folio
b) Add Maths Form 4 work
c) Chemistry Worksheets
Okay okay! I may have been A TAD BIT melodramatic! Or am I? ;p HAHA. So I guess that sums up my intro to my BLOGGING COMEBACK! Shall get back to you with more info!

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