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Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Missing A Piece of Courage In Me

Hye mental
Tiring day.
Eddie Lim came to school today to talk about WASH-ROOMZ.
Oh yeah.
HU AGM. Apparently.
Oh Allah, please help?
I'm dying.
Watched SKINS.
Slept through BIO. Sorry Pn. Nitce. All I heard was 'PROJECT'!
Ramadhan in 1 DAY. HURRAH!
SPM Trials in 1 MONTH 12 DAYS.
Speaking of cupcakes, talked to Toof and Nima. I never knew WONDERMILK till Toofie drank a cup of drink from WONDERMILK and brought it to Nirmala ;)
Told Nima that Fikri & Irfan's band wanna perform for 'New York New York 2010' :) WOOTS!
Basically that's it.


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