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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Give You The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Dear Mental,

Hi there.

Have you ever felt that you never EVER wanna make the same mistakes again?

Yeah. That is what I am feeling now.

Every time this weird feeling comes out, I just get too freaked out that I'll regret making a choice about it.

I mean, being honest about what you feel is never easy, especially when you feel something for someone.

How do you know if that feeling is real or just an emotional illusion? You know, like an optical illusion perhaps?

Because you think you can see it, but if you blink twice, it's just gone like that. Gone with the wind for that matter.

So maybe I'm just a coward because when it comes to revealing my feelings for someone, it ain't exactly the best thing to do when that someone doesn't feel the same way.

Nevertheless, I am going to just to wait because only time will tell if this feeling is true.

I will be leaving for London next Monday. So let's just see if I can get over this before I leave.

If I don't then, that's a sign. Hopefully, it'll be a good one.

I can never deny the way I feel about you.

Because it's my weakness to deny you, but it's my strength if I admit it because it will show how brave I am for taking a chance on something that might just be an epic disappointment.

So, I hope, with all this bare in mind, I just hope, a sign will come soon.

I just need to know, just need to know, if you're worth waiting for you know?


I will forever remember the things that you did because all those things are the elements that opened my heart to you in the first place.

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