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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too Smitten For Words

Dear Mental,

Tonight was the night that I poured my heart out to my friend about how much I like this guy in school.

So, as I unfold more stories and moments about him, the more I realise and also my friend pointed out that, I really like him THAT MUCH.

I don't know if it's a mental obsession or I really do have feelings for him.

However, I'm pretty sure I am really into him purely based on his personality, looks & etc.

Not because I am an obsessed stalker -__-

I have never had feelings for a dude until it can make me go as insane as ever!

I tried getting over him, but all the little things that reminds me of him, or things that he say or do, it will always put a smile on smile face and just makes me happy.

Having him around, makes me feel happy. I guess, that is what I want from him if he was my boyfriend.

He will always be there to make me happy. That's pretty much what I need right now.

I know I have my best friends but, it wouldn't to hurt to have a best friend and a boyfriend as one package right?

Although, based on my current Semester 1 results, I'm not so sure if he would even be interested in me -_-

Hmm, insyaallah he'll be fine with me. I'm still hoping.

Hopefully, things between me & him will have some progress. At the rate we're going, so far everything's going smoothly. I think.


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