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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's A Dunno Day? I didn't know that! Of course i don't!

McFly! <3>

Danny Jones of McFly! <3 Courtesy of Divya Visvanathan : )

Hi, it's me! lol... yeah... today is my umm... 'dunno day' LOL! :P I guess maybe it's because.... i don't EXACTLY know what today was going to be about.... All i got from today was:
a) Homework
b) Lecture AND Homework from Miss Nirmala =_=" Though... it's not like i'm not use to it.... But ALL of us deserve the lecture except for Jacqueline and Danny. They're the one's who ACTUALLY did their homework! I salute to them! : ) You guys are awesome X ) Really.
c) Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah! I just found out that Uncle Shariff's wife got admited to hospital because of dengue! :''''O Awwwwww...... I pity Uncle Shariff... I hope she gets well soon! Get well soon!
d) I keep forgetting that CNY i coming.... lol.... in a way i can't wait for Chinese New Year... because i can go to Trish's for open house! In a way it's funny to know that she doesn't go to CHS... (Catholic High) when it's quite near to her house... She lives like in Bukit Gasing.. it is nearby Jalan Gasing.... lol... XD Hahha. That was random...Hmm... oh yeah not only that.... Holiday also means more time with my BFF's : Myra, Tash and Sash! ; ) Yay! i can't wait.... though i have to see first..... Oh.. and i'll also have gym! Yeah, true... i kinda owe Uncle Shariff anyway.... : ) Yup.... Oh thanks Tash btw for the Bali t-shirt! I love the awesome design! though... i think... i need more hours in the gym to get into the shirt! :p Yeah... you shouldn't have Tash! Thanks! Oh... thanks Divya!!!!!!!!! For Danny's pic and the one for the radio pic thingy! lol.... It's sooooo awesome! You didn't have to! ; ) You're the best Grandma! lol... Hm.... what else.... i guess that's all.... sighs... i need to go practice piano.... ta then....

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