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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why CNY is an excuse for being sick? =_=

heey theree... it's me again.... sighs... Like i typed my title... I am to accept the fact that i am sick... -____- flu, blocked nose, sore throat and to add to all these 'unfortunate events' my period came at the same time.... O_O" I know i know it's normal but it's just that to come NOW? At a time like THIS?? lol.... yeah very dramatic.... Maybe Tash's right.... I'M the melodramatic ; ) Haah.... Yeah.... I forgot that i promise Myra that i'll update my bloggie.... : ) Thats so cute... she said that in Facebook : ) today i think yeah she's go back to Kuantan.... Sash went to Kedah for her cousin's wedding.... Awwww.... Yeah.... I'm having piano today..... Nothing much... Oh yeah... yesterday i went to gym.... I had a lot of fun yesterday! Uncle Shariff made the training very fun and tiring OF COURSE :P Lol... i will never ever see a day that has no torture whenever i'm with Uncle Shariff! ; ) lol.... but good torture of course : D Haaahaa.... Yeah... then had to go 'car hunting' for my sis.... She's buying this Suzuki car... lol.. it's cute... : ) I loooovvveee the colour! And the name of the colour! It's COOPER RED : ) heeh.. at night i Tash came to baby sit me.... Yeah... we did homework... and yeah..... Basically that was it.... and i now... I am having a problem on how to go to the gym today when my tuition finishes at 5.30 and Uncle Shariff says thatthe gym is closing at 7??? =_='' oh dear.... i told him i'll be there.... but but there won't be enough time! -_____-" Ok... i think i should think about this first..... -__-" Ok then i shall update all of you again! Byeee


  1. BAIZURA!!! Yuet ting here~~ i link u, u link me can?? =D
    btw get well SOON T.T
    poor u~~