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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Riverside Recap and Upcoming Updates :D

Hello.. well.. i think this post will only be understood by my fellow ASSOCIATED AUTHORS :) hahah <3>CHEF :) hahaha yeah so... she'll be like the next Nigella Lawson + Jamie Oliver in the making :) so yeah.. she'll be opening her own restaurant outlets of course :P YAHOO! hahha.. lol.. haven't thought of the name yet...

Next, before getting back with Danny after the Sweet 16 incident, she'll of course will be dating other of them is most likely ; Randall Scotts *the hottie douschebag*

New Characters in Eli's LIFE:

1. Zooey Alexandra Marshalls a.k.a Zoe Marsh ; Eli meets her in college. Zoe is suffering with Aneroxia Nervosa.. so yeah..i bet you know where I'm going with this huh? So, basically Eli helps her in her therapy sessions by training Zoe to try not to be afraid of food. Eli & Zoe became closer than ever & Eli then introduced Zoe to the gang and Zoe starts getting along with all of the people in the gang. Slowly, she finds interest in Damian. *Remember? he was the one who was obssesed about Roxie & was in love with Scott at the same time!*. So yeah.. She starts trying to boost up her self esteem on eating properly with the healthy but delicious food Eli serves her during meals. Eventually, Zoe & Damian start hanging out. Eli & Zoe then lived together during college years, but later move out to pursue each others' dreams. They eventually meet up again when Eli became a certified & successful chef. Zoe in the end becomes Eli's PR since she was a Mass Comm Major Graduate.

Jamie Martin Kendall a.k.a Jamie Kendall ; Jamie is another dude in Eli's life other than Danny & Randall of course.. Jamie apparently is a therapy mate of Zoe's. He of course has his own dilemma in life. He's GAY. Yeah. His parents had sent him to the therapy center after high school when he admitted to his parents just before going off to college that he is gay. I know the story is getting rather twisted but, it's already in that condition already! :) so moving on, his parents disowned him until he came back straight. One night he ran away from the center and stayed at a cheap rated flat with his other gay mates. Life was getting better until he and his mates received an eviction note to leave the flat. In the end, this is when he decided to go back to the center with his mates & gets help from Zoe & Eli in straightening his life up. Apparently at the same time, Zoe gave an idea to Eli & Jamie that they should get together and be a couple in order to solve his gay issue. At first both of them disagreed, in thinking that it's a ridiculous idea but in the end Zoe insisted Eli & Jamie to go for it and it's for the benefit of Jamie.

So, i guess that's all? yeah.. anything, call me, text me, cbox me or just Facebook me :) love you my Riverside dorm mates :)

Ta bye nights..
-Author of Eliza Anderson- :)

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