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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Martin Johnson's Antics :)

hello... just a random post to ease my mind :) i've been updating myself 24/7 about Boys Like Girls... until realising just 2 weeks ago that they are coming to Malaysia for the MTV World Stage: LIVE in Sunway Lagoon... -_-' and that's like during the same day as my party... sighs.. never mind.. I LOVE YOU BOYS LIKE GIRLS!

Hahaha.. hello Martin... 8O lol.. yeah.. there he is being very bored.. :P hahah he said at his Tumblr, that he's going to ditch all the Metallica merch and start wearing Boys Like Girls own merch! ahhah.. cute..but disturbing la MJ.

hahaa... he got sunburnt so badly man!! :O hahaha.. it's so sad he says Twitter sucks.. that's why he's using Tumblr.. what la.. and yet he still have a Twitter for the fans' sake Aww... :)

I <3 you Martin Johnson :)

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