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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project January : Day 01 Delayed :D

Hello. Yes. I am DAYS late if you've NOTICED for this cool Project January :) So yeah. I should not hesitate and tell you all these things :) HEE. So Day 01: Your Favourite Song! Whoo. Well knowing a normal HUMAN BEING who LOVES MUSIC. ONE SONG is NOT ENOUGH! SO here are a collection of songs that I THINK might be what I ONLY LISTEN TO RIGHT NOW. Since i AM DEPRIVED of music. so yeah.

Love Drunk Album by Boys Like Girls! YES. My ultimate LOVE last YEAR. Haha. I love you Martin Bennett Johnson for creating an AWESOME SOPHOMORE album.

1) Love Drunk *The video. Cool. With Ashley Tisdale! :) Love the setting at a carnival.*
2) Heart Heart Heartbreak *The lyrics are JUST EPIC.*
3) She's Got A Boyfriend Now *there's just something about this song I JUST LOVE*
4) Two Is Better Than One *Awesome! So sweet and sad :( It's Danny & Eli's THEME SONG HEE. ^.^*
5) The Shot Heard 'Round The World *very EDGY the ROCK SOUND. LOOVE. Hee.*
6) Contagious *ONE WORD : CONTAGIOUS :)*
7) Chemicals Collide *So ORIGINAL :)*
8) Go *My 2010 Theme Song :) YAY. The lyrics & the musical arrangement with the ORCHESTRA. WOOHOO!*

Newcomers. Them. They were The In Crowd before signing to Hopeless. So now they changed to We Are The In Crowd! :) I like it! Woohoo. I totally am MAD with their FIRST SINGLE ; For The Win. TECHNO + ROCK = AWESOME :) So yeah. I LOVE LOVE Tay Jardine & Jordan Eckes! :)

Faber Drive. Thanks to Myra & Aaron ; This band came to my life :) Their songs are so cool. Their song G-Get Up Dance is just, WOW. Haha. They gone into a different direction but it's still Faber Drive classic :) Love you Dave Faber!

Yay. These are of course my LOVES. Haha. Motion In The Ocean (MITO) was of course the very summery album for McFly! A lots of cool and awesome songs to just dance and sing along to. Of course the famous one that keeps up up and going is none other than Star Girl :) Just so sweet and very McFly. :) The lyrics are just unique :)

Last but not least, Falling In Love by McFly. This is the FIRST SONG by Danny that has a VIDEO! I'm so proud of you BOY! :) Love the whole thing. So sweet. Awesome arrangement. Lyrics are so Danny and it's seriously a song that everyone could sing when they , of course Falling In Love ;)

ok ta bye.
shall now do my Day 02! :)

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