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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project January : Day 02 Delayed :D

Hello there. AGAIN. haha. Just trying to catch up on my blogging. Especially for this Project January thing. Not only that, I haven't been able to blog properly THESE DAYS. Yup, as you know SCHOOL's BACK. :B. Nerve racking. HA. Yeah. BIG YEAR. Senior Year. Yeah. Okay. Let's cut the CHEESE. Here's my Day 02 topic: Favourite Movie.

As most of you know *the ones who know me well* I LOVE MOVIES THAT HAS DANCING AND SINGING ; there you go I love 2009's remake of FAME!! WHOO! The cast are AWESOME. Fresh new actors and very impressive talents :) I love you Asher Book!

Haha. This is my ULTIMATE FAVE. Who wouldn't LOVE Juno! Ellen Page is my IDOL. She would make an AWESOME Eli Anderson! SERIOUSLY! I totally imagine Eli just like her. :) or is it Juno? :/ maybe i got confused. LMAO. That's okay. And Michael Cera. Such an ADORABLE person! For a GEEK in the MOVIE ; He's not bad ;) I would consider dating him!

See what I told ya about my love for all things that has to do with singing and dancing numbers :) But when it comes to CHIPPMUNKS ; it's a whole different story! Haha. The three pintsize cuties have a SQUEAKQUEL! So cute! Haha. And havung the Chipettes with 'em makes it DOUBLE the FUN :) I love Theodore the MOST!

Ooh la la. Yes. I would be lying if I said I don't LOVE Twilight. OH YEAH I DO! Yes the Twilight Saga is my favourite too of course. So yeah. There's nothing to say about the Twilight Saga. It's just awesome! Haha. And FYI ; It's not just about the two HUNKIES : Rob Patz & Taylor Lautner okay. I LOVE THE BOOKS TOO. Stephenie Meyer is a GENIUS!

off to do my Day 03!

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