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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project January : Day 04 Delayed :D

Hey there. Here is Day 04 List for Project January :) I kinda took too much time just finding these two pics which i don't think really is that attractive. HAHA. But i mean the purpose is to show you the things that i LIKE :) So here it is! Day 04 : Favourite BOOK.

I am not exactly a READER. SO yeah. I just basically read things RANDOMLY. Like i had my Series of Unfortunate Events period. Haha. :) I miss it. I should start reading AGAIN. Haha. So as you can see, i don't read much. Hahha. apologies. I feel so SMALL now.

UM, YEAH. This is like MY Harry Potter. haha. I am a FAN of Twilight whilst my sister is a FAN of Harry Potter. SO yeah. You CAN see the diff between my sister and I. She reads more than I do. Dear Allah! Is that why my General Knowledge SUCK? :OO

famous amous is calling me.

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