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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Ain't That Bad

Hey Mental! It was a good day yesterday :)
:') At last I met Ashiqin after THREE SHIQIN-LESS weeks :p bluek.
I miss that girl like MAD.
HAHA. and I miss TASH too :)
Why la you had to go to Sabah again?
oh yeah, SPM.
Speaking of the 'TOPIC' above, I shouldn't even be anywhere near the laptop! -.-
But, mama gave in because I wanted to email Mr. Leo about my uncertainties about my UNFINISHED PORTFOLIO -.-
So yeah, life is okay now.
MINUS SUCKY TRIAL results. fry that for all I care.
HAHA. Well, mantap is going on.
Will end next week? I think so.
I DUNNO, haha.
PLUS! Graduation robes are here!!! YAY (Y)
Going to wear a brown baju kurung for graduation :) and my butterfly necklace!
Mama and bapak are coming :)
So yeah, I guess that's it really!
Will update more soon :)


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