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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why la Nirmala, why? :D

Dear Mental, guess what?
Miss Nirmala told the WHOLE TUITION CENTRE that I'm going off to London -_-!
Why la Nirmala, WHY? HAHA Seriously?
I dunno where to hide my face now.. HAHA
Well, at least Sean and the dousche knows already.
Speaking of Sean, I told him that I was SUPPOSE to go on HIS birthday, but changed of plans because I'm going EARLIER instead T.T
I seriously hope Sean's going to be there when I'm going to London. He's one of the people that I want to say goodbye to before I go off.
I know we're just friends, but we've been friends since form 3 and Mental, you know I always get EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to people easily.
So, not seeing him there, might just make me feel a tad bit sad.
SIGHS, so yeah. I haven't told Alyp Lee and Tash that I'm going early :'(
Okay, mama just came in -.-
Why can't you KNOCK?
-_- I know I'm wearing GINORMOUS HEADPHONES, but I still can hear if you DON'T KNOCK.
Shall stop here, DON'T BE EMO BAIZURA!
so I guess that's all for now.


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