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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Don't Panic

Dear Mental,
It's been a WEEK since WE talked.
Is it me or maybe we're just not going to see each other anymore?
I know that I'm making it a big deal, but I never thought of it as a bad thing until a few people actually pointed it out.

"Why didn't you try calling and go out?" "Didn't you try texting?"
After those questions were asked, finally I realised there was like somewhat rather a 'HOLE' in my chest *As quoted by Bella Swan from The Twilight Saga*
So, I'm guessing, I feel empty when you're not around?
Why do I even feel this way about you?
I'd have to admit, having you around was much more, happy? or gleeful?
Oh god. More like I just feel like I don't want you to go away from my sight.
Mother told me, at some point, these were those feelings which I rarely get unless I met someone like you.
YaAllah? Really?
To be honest, you were the FIRST person who actually made me feel this way so badly.
Let's just hope, you're not just another useless bad memory that will be remembered.
I want you to be an unforgettable memory which I would keep wanting to repeat like a photographic memory in my mind.
You were the one who started this scene, so let's not just let the unsaid scripts left hanging.
Maybe,just maybe, one day you'll come back into the picture and add a beautiful caption to it for both of us to remember forever.
Let me remind you, I'll be leaving.
So, if you have anything to say to me, just say it before I leave.
You have 15 DAYS.

'Cause you can't avoid me now, you'll be just fine without me, tell me the stories when I get home.


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