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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maybe It's Time For Reality

Dear Mental,
Found my old old 'Fitness First' book.
I accidentally landed on this particular page which had these 2 particular quotes which I should've and will live by from now.
Since only now, when I read it properly and interpreted it properly then only I can understand fully what both quotes were trying to say.
Sorry, it takes me awhile to understand something. So if you have a problem with that, then I think you better go read some other blogger's blog.
So one of the quotes were;

" What you were then, is what you have become. It is a timeless journey that affirms growing up being a beautiful tragic-comedy."
As quoted from the Malaysian teen dramedy 'Goodbye Boys' creator and director, Bernard Chauly under Red Films Production which also produced Gol & Gincu : The Movie and Gol & Gincu : The Series.
The second beautiful quote that I find IRONICALLY TRUE LITERALLY is;
"Education is our ticket out. Youth is a time when everything seems exaggerated. A slow dance with your girl/boy means everything. People's actions and deeds affect you in a big way."
Of course, the quote was also from the movie 'Goodbye Boys' which starred the famous Malaysian actors, Lisa Surihani and Razif Hashim as the lead female and lead male role.
Okay, haha, I guess I love this movie so much, that I am kinda stuck to it (;
So I guess, that's what I'm trying to say. :) The quote really says, 'TEEN ANGST'! and it LITERALLY speaks on behalf of ALL of US TEENS generally.

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