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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Morning Heart Beats

Dear Mental,

It's a lovely Sunday morning. *cue Maroon 5* :)

Sunny 3degrees in Chelmsford today.

I was thinking that maybe I should start off the morning by blogging so that I will continue on with something more productive throughout the day.

Insyaallah things will go according to plan.

Nothing much going on today. Haha, just maybe might pop into the gym. I need to do one session without Simon.

Currently listening to One Direction. Haha, Sadly I am a sucker for pop songs, so sue me eh?

Honestly, The Wanted are more awesome! SORRY :)

Okay, moving on, sidetracking, so Friday is the weigh in ! Worried like shizz now, oh god. Hopefully I lost some weight, :(

On lighter note, yet still nerve-wracking, uni is starting in 8 DAYS, I am a tad bit worried about results.

Insyaallah I did well. I mean, I tried and did my best already, so hopefully my results will be just fine :B

Another thing to be kinda happy about is that I will be going to London next weekend before Sem 2 kicks off!

That's for meeting the family, friends, visit the Royal Academy & watching FutureProof w/ Dive Bella Dive, The Debut & Chloe Swaby live in Camden Barfly.

It was the same venue where I met Forever Is Over , JMA, WSP and Find Me Next Fall :)

Excited, can't wait to take a pic with the FP boys :') ♥

Okay, then, I guess that's enough of my morning blog fix, shall go fix myself some brekkie before I starve myself -_- HAHA.


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