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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Wish Time Would Just Stop For A Second

Hi there.... As you know... I'm having a MASSIVE headache....... Well, not only that it's due to all the homework that i've not done... it's also because a few days a go i fell and my head 'kinda' hit this platform at the gym... In Uncle Shariff's words: "Bai brought home a souvenir!" HAHA... very funny.... But today gym was good... i don't know why i didn't really talk much to Uncle Shariff... I guess i was just too worried about homework... =_='' then again... my friends haven't finish their's too... i'm going LOCO! X_X aaaaaaaaaaaah....... :'''''O Seriously i'm soo annoyed.... hah...... i'm trying to think of what to write about for Pn. Hoh's 'Anything Essay'.-__-" Sadly i suck at brainstorming.... basically i'm just not full of awesome ideas on what to write unlike my friends.....=.= yeah... i'm planning to have a poll... so yeah.... lalala.. lol.... yeah... tuition today was fine.... i forgot that i had BM..... O_O" as aresult i didn't bring my notes... GREAT... yeah.... basically this week ain't really a good week for me... or maybe TODAY ain't a good day for me..... : ( i have to deal with it somehow right? I didn't even ask Cik Liew about the mural thingy! -_______-" SERIOUSLY.... today ain't my day.... DAMN... sighs...... I shall now EAT apples... I_I"

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  1. i only get to vote once? what is this?! not cool, man.

    OMG, i am so weird sometimes. HEY BAIZURA!! cheer up, dear. go cut and paste stuff from wikipedia. it helps. and pn hoh will never find out kaaaaaan? LOL. can' t wait till school starts! ashiqin rindu you already larh! ;)