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Monday, February 9, 2009

Can I Just Say That 'Floors' Give You Nightmares? XO

Hola... Lol...Funny intro... Yeah... i am in mood for MORE Ugly Betty! : ) i miss all of the drama.. I miss seeing Betty's funny and quirky moments... Lol.... i guess i share something in common with Aunty Azura! Oh, she's Uncle Shariff's wife by the way. Lol.. Yeah... i am still at Ara.... *sighs* and currently ny stomach is aching at its 'normal' timing... wow... it has a mind of its own! -_-" lol... i'm making myself crazy! lol.. maybe i AM crazy! lol... obviously it'sin a good way right? Right....? ok... never mind don't answer that! ;P Ok... oh yeah....the title of my blog says that: 'Can I Just Say That 'Floors' Give You Nightmares?' lol...well... i have 'experimented' last night itself...LOL... and yeah... i had the most random nightmare in the history of all random nightmares! =_=" memory is like so DAMN i can only remember certain bits of it.... what the hell? I'm going to turn 16 and i'm turning SENILE! -__________-" not really the kind of 'deficiency' that i need at a time like this... O_O Ok... the only exact thing that i remebered was... i dreamt that i just finished gym... and i went down to meet my mum at the lobby... but suddenly i was 'ganged' up by these utterly random PIRATES! O.O what?? uh huh... The 'captain' knew my Add Maths teacher, Pn. Ilani... i was like.... "What? wait... How do you know my Add Maths teacher! She didn't do anything to you!" Funnily, when the pirate replied he had a French accent... "Well, of course I know her! She and I we went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back... If you know what i mean!" he said giving me this cheeky grin! =_=' "You used to DATE her?! You're waaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than her you old pirate!" I said.. He then took out his sword and pointed it to me! "She was my teacher you little brat!" My eyes grew wider.. and i grabbed a sword of my own and started to have a sword fight with him.... well... SADLY... just before I could 'kill' the French Pirate, mum woke me up 'cause i just realise that it was 15 minutes until tuition! =_=" so yeah... :P I'm surprised that i wasn't tired for tuition... LOL... yup... lol.... I just got an sms from Uncle Shariff saying that he wants chicken rice... lol... hahahah.. The things that i do for my trainer... Seriously... he OWES me.... A LOT... Maybe i should start wondering what he should get me for my Sweet 16! lol... : ) Ok then... gotta go get 'tortured' by Uncle Shariff! XD lol... bye.. tata..

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