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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Week From Hell and The After Cross Country Effect

Hey there... it's been a while since i updated! ;) i have my reasons... lol.... so yeah.... lol. XD ok then...this week... i think my bff's would agree to the fact that it was a week from HELL.... not that it's always like that for me..... that's of course, (like i said in my post) i don't have good time management... still trying to get use to yeah... i'm listening to Tash's advice from Mel Koay that we're still trying to get use to all of these new timing especially after TWO WHOLE months of doing uh huh... so..yeah... i am now Add Maths Tuition hunting.... lol... so yeah.. I'm trying to see if i can to go to Sash's tuition... with Tash. yup... but i am currently facing timetable clashing.. hit me! Maybe i could join Myra's tuition in Edusmart... yeah.. lol... they have their classes at different2 days.. so i thought... maybe, just maybe it won't clash with any of my daily after school activities(gym, koko, Nirmala, tennis)
Lalalalala.... I wonder hows McFLy doing?? LOL... : ) i just miss them okaaaaayy! lol... : P Yeah.... I got back from tuition just now.. lol... tuition-ing with the form 5 was AWESOME! : ) Rubini and Bairavi was there... I sat beside Rubini.... haha.. it's SO funny to know that it's been almost 9 YEARS that i've been in the SAME school as them.. but i still never get to tell the difference between Bairavi & Rubini... UNTIL today! lol... Rubini has STRAIGHT hair while Bairavi has WAVY-CURLY hair.... Lol... yeah... Oh and I saw SHAMIL today! : ) lol... it's been a LOOONG time since i'd seen him.... But ironically.. he lives next door... I miss the OLD times when he used to come over to my house... : ( But that's okaaay! We're still neighbours! : P
Yay yay! Uncle Shariff's back from Terengganu with Aunty Azura... : ) I'm obivously going to see him tomorrow... lol... i'm SOOOOOOOOO 100% going to get tortured... I wondering should I give him the lollipop or the apple from the PRS' in conjuction of 'Friendship Week' lol... It'll be sooo funny to see his reaction when i say, "Uncle Shariff! Happy Friendship Week! You're the apple of my eye!" Although, it'll be weird.. lol.. whatever... i ordered already.. lol.. but then again.. if i give him the lollipop, Uncle Jacq can get one as well... : )
Hmm... what else... yeah.. I guess that's it... Oh yeah! I forgot that i have to link Marissa & Li Lian to my blog.... lol.. okayy... i should do it after this! Hmmm... oh yeah.. need t ask mum to buy the Rangers' stuff tomorrow while i'm in school... Okay then... i shall try to update as often as i can! bye... night.. tata : )

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