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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Miss Britannia High!

It's a year! I love you Danny! : ) But it's almost 2 years and more for you and Olivia of course... ; ) So sweet...

This is Danny Alan David jones : ) <3

All the fun times! : ) Mitch! why the hair? haha... we now love Matt!

L-R: BB, Claudine, Lauren, Jez, Lola and Danny! : )

I MISS BRITANNIA HIGH! Lol.. Sighs... all the songs... lol... FYI, i say it's more awesome than HSM... lol.... Yeah... Crap.. I got to go... I have English tuition after this! I hope there's no homework... lol... what-la... lol... yeah.. YASMIN!!! how dare you leave at English! -__-" sampai hati Yas tinggaaal! lol.. :P well takpe.. I have Varsha! Speaking of Varsha... i have to give her my english homework and the B.M. homework... Sighs.. Not to mention that Eya & baby Mel is coming to my house tonight! MYYYRRA! Where are you when i need you! You made baby Mel smile remember? and to think that i'm the one who's suppose to be good with kids! O_O" lol... what the hell... Oh yeah, speaking of Myra, thanks Myewa for the apple! You pun the apple of my eye, dear! : ) It's been 6 years Mye.... AWESOME... tapi tak achee... Sash ngan Alya 12 years! =_=.. choii... lol... haha... takpe! me and Tash plak... 2 years lebihla.. thats good too.. me and Sash...1 year aawww.... Speaking of one year.. ; ) Mye, Sush, Tash you guys would know : ) *pls refer to the pic up there and you'll get it!* *Sighs* Well ok... then... taa.. Bye you guys!

P/s: And Myra, you're welcome dear.. : ) We got'em! lol... oh yeah, btw... Uncle Shariff kissed the note that you gave me! XD

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