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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Expressing My Love to Them :) <3 A Little To Early Before Valentine's

*Sighs* I love Danny Jones... Ain't that just adorable! ; ) Olivia is so lucky : )

Hey, there! I'm here again to update you guys on my oh-so very random post. This particular post is dedicated to the guys that i LOVE! : ) uh huh. Of course, I am expressing myself through my 'fan'loving' feelings! Okaaay.. Maybe watching 'Hocus Pocus' on Star Movies while doing this post is more random.... LOL! ;D Well, ok then.. not wanting to waste time.. These are the guys who kept me happy with their talents, personality of course their hotness : ) *sighs* So, let's start then! These are my top 10 guys!


Mr. No. 1 Danny Jones guitarist & vocalist of McFly

Mr.No.2 Steve Jocz, drummer of Sum 41

Mr. No. 3 Kyle Patrick, guitarist and vocalist of The Click Five

Mr. No. 4 Joseph Dempsie a.k.a Joe Dempsie from E4 Skins

Mr. No. 5 John O'Callaghan a.k.a John Ohh, vocalist & guitarist of The Maine

Mr.No. 6 Garrett Nikelsen, bassist of The Maine

Mr. No.7 Kennedy Brock a.k.a Kenny, guitarist of The Maine

Mr. No. 8 Pat Kirch, drummer of The Maine

Mr. No. 9 Mitch Hewer from E4 Skins and Britannia High

Mr. No.10 Matthew James Thomas of Britannia High

Well, i guess that's the end... But if you guys know me really well, you would know who i 'LOVE' the most : ) i'm sure my best friends, Myra, Tash and Sash know ; ) Of course, you guys do!
Okay then, ta. i wanna wish everyone a very happ 'advanced' Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Didn't know that Stve Jocz was number two. (:

  2. oooh number 10 is pretty ok-looking :D