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Friday, February 6, 2009

Picking Up The Pieces So That They'll Fall Into Place

Goodday citizens of the world! lol..Hi..It's me again... Yeah...well,it's been quite a while since i blogged... This is of course due to the fact that my damn PC was being annoying... -_-' i guess i have to deal with it huh? lol. I've been unwell for this whole week...I have sore throat and stomach ache.... and i dunno what's the cause of my stomach ache... O.O my immune system is sooooo weak....gaga....speaking of 'gaga' i want to download Lady Gaga's songs....she's :) lalala....yeah.... Right now.... like my besties say, i am stressed out... Sadly...not having a social life also is in.... lol...yeah... haven't really had the courtesy to have 'me time' like Tash said...: : ( i kinda miss having some time on my own... I miss my alone time... : ( oh well... this is what happens when you don't have good time management.... sighs... Speaking of not having any good time mangaement, maybethat's why my mum won't allow me to go for MSSD Tennis....sighs.... tennis is like my passion! ;( it just sucks to know that I won;t be there as Elsheba's partner anymore.... But that's ok Baba! You have Trishi! Yeah... i miss the good 'ol times... Baba and I were like partners in crime... except that it's in! XD yeah... basically... 2009 ain't exactly how i pictured like i said in my title, i am now picking up the pieces so that they'll be able to fall into place. Yeah.. I am trying my level best not to let anything to be in my way of getting myself back on to my feet and live my life...I know can! : )

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