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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Little Too Early For Hibernation Isn't It?

Dear Mental,

Have you ever felt like you just wanna go away somewhere very far away and just not listen to anyone for a bit? I guess I have been feeling a little irritated by everyone lately! GOSH How mean of me huh? :( I just feel like I really need some alone time from everyone. All the stress of uni is finally getting into my head! My sister told me that my mum cried when I told her about how stress I was with the course :/ That just made me feel worse! :( I am so sorry everyone. I am sorry friends. I know I have been cutting contact with you guys. I basically have been hibernating in the library. I actually spent 5hrs straight in the library today! WOW. That's a new record for me. The most was 2-3hrs. But today was, wow. Even Lewis told me to chillax and go eat ! Oh well, need to get ready for bed and I need to clean up my messed up room before Kak Didi and her aunty comes tomorrow!
So, goodnight bloggers.
Keep in touch.

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