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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making Time For Everything

Dear Mental,

I was at the library today for 3hrs straight? Nah, last Saturday was worse. It was 5hrs. So yeah. I think some of you might have read my previous post on how I have been hibernating in the uni library for the past couple of days.

Uh huh. It's true! Ain't that just a shock to your systems? HAHA.

Sense the sarcasm there?

Pretty much. I've been pretty crabby too. Monthly needs. As per usual, a girl's gotta be a bit mean you know.

Speaking of mean, at last my constant spamming of emails to my lecturer has got me my reward/fine ! HAHA

Irony's a bitch - Rusty Cartwright :)

Thanks Jacob Zachar :) You played Rusty perfectly! I miss Greek.

Okay! Sidetracking much and damn distracted! I am suppose to be reading my history reading on High Renaissance for tomorrow's presentation! -_____-

My life is so full of words and images.

LOL, wait everybody's life is like that! HAHAHA.

Ignore me. :) Sleepy time. Need to read History and get ready for tomorrow's long day!

p/s: Thank you David B for sharing your M&M's with me in the library :) It woke me up!

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